Customer Satisfaction is #1: With over 20 years of proven experience providing the best customer service for his clients, Anthony Marantz is confident he can deliver the results you need and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get the perfect delivery for your commercial or presentation.   


History: Anthony has voiced and produced Addy award-winning commercials, including spots for Honda, Pizza Hut, Landry's, Big Bang Films, and Nissan, with extensive experience recording for both radio and television. He is also the imaging voice for KBUD, WWWN, and WMUT, as well as the narrator for video learning CDs for MC2. Anthony continues to better his craft by learning from some of the industry's best voice and acting coaches in order to bring your copy to the forefront of any audio media. 


Voice Quality: Anthony Marantz has a wide vocal range that reaches and appeals to the moms and dads or to the biker riding the highway. A distinctive voice that stands out in a crowd... one that gets noticed. From up-tempo and gritty for automotive commercials, to smooth and adult for narrations, to deep and dark for movie and television trailers. He can be up-tempo and lively, fun sounding... the next door neighbor... Gen X & Gen Y.  He can be the hard sell... Car Races... Monster Truck...Concerts... Car Dealerships... call to action. He can be bold and confident.  He can be folksy and down-home...Home Depot... Firestone...Duluth Jeans...Arby's. You can also add cartoon characters and impressions to the mix.  Anthony can mimic most people with very little effort. 


Anthony's Pledge: "This summary, cannot adequately communicate my qualifications in-depth but I guarantee you will be pleased with the results and experience."